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Our research derived from our customers and independent statistical studies have indicated that improvements to logistics networks have typically resulted in 5% to 15% savings in logistics costs.

ITS Logistics Network Modeling

At ITS Logistics, we design our logistics system by carefully understanding our customerís variables such as:

  • The number of warehouses, their location, ownership (public or private), and their size.
  • The allocation of customer demand to supply points (warehouses or plants); allocation to multiple or single supply points.
  • The amount of inventory to be maintained at various locations
  • The type of transportation services to use
  • The level of customer service to be provided

    In order to stay competitive in todayís global business environment, a firm should have a Logistics Network Model that will assess:

  • The integration of vehicle routing and scheduling
  • The uncertainty in demand (requires demand to be forecasted)
  • The identification and development of the appropriate type of cost functions
  • The dynamic nature of the demand and cost functions over a period of time
  • Dependency relationships between inventory and transportation decisions
  • The relationships between customer service levels and key logistics decisions
  • The size of the problem

    ITS Logistics can implement these factors in its integrated logistics network model and thereby provide answers to complex logistics scenarios.

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